Leverage This! is written by Tim Russell. Originally from the UK, Tim lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he runs his own travel business and advises companies on using social media. He is a regular public speaker and has also delivered training courses on business communication, as well as writing this blog, a corporate blog, and considerable amounts of press releases, web content and other marketing material.

In his spare time he enjoys reading/writing, eating/drinking, playing tennis, running, watching football, surfing the internet, and playing with his daughter Emilie.

To contact Tim, email timmyruss@yahoo.com, or follow him on Twitter @timmyruss

Tim & Emilie

One Response to “The Author”

  1. Benjamen Says:

    Hi Tim, I’ve been enjoying your blog and have even used a few of your articles on my own site (from ezine articles). I find it fascinating that you live in Vietnam, where I had the chance to visit and study for several weeks in 1999. I love to hear fellow ex-pat success stories.
    Listen, I was curious if you would be interested in writing a post directly for my blog – as opposed to me using the posts on ezine. Please let me know!
    Best regards,

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